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Relationship Advice

Healthier physically.

Wealthier emotionally.

Wiser practically.

A thriving, healthy relationship requires some essential give and take and is absolutely within your reach if you and your spouse are willing to work hard for it. Being an understanding person is the key to a great marriage. Intimate relationships aren’t about receiving as much as they are about giving. Therefore, playing your part well regardless of the mistakes of your partner can help build a good foundation for your marriage.

Good communication is key in building a healthy relationship. To communicate well you have to make sure that you and your spouse are on the same page regarding basic life goals. Without this foundational unity, you cannot expect agreement in other key family and life decisions.

Here are 10 Cs you must sail on if you want to build an intimate relationship:

  • Communicate:  In a healthy relationship, if something is bothering you, it’s best to talk about it instead of holding it within yourself. Holding unsettled emotions inside might lead to assumptions and confusion. You must be sure of what you want and make it very clear to your spouse.
  • Connect:  To maintain a constant connection takes dedication. Let the other know you are making an effort to keep their ideas in mind. Mutual respect is essential in maintaining healthy relationships and this usually maintains the connection when the other is made to feel important.
  • Compromise. Disagreements are a natural part of healthy relationships. And, sometimes it’s okay to compromise on what you want. Love is more than rational decisions. It’s about valuing the other person more than yourself.
  • Comfort: Offer reassurance and encouragement to the other. Also, let your spouse know when you need his or her support and care. Healthy relationships are about building each other up, not putting each other down.
  • Control: Just because you’re in a relationship, that doesn’t mean you have to be together all the time! Healthy relationships require space. Stay in control of the relationship and not the other person.
  • Confidentiality: It plays a huge role in building trust and confidence in a person. This boosts companionship and makes the other feel safe.
  • Consistence: Marriage is a long-term relationship. It requires a steady, regular working together to keep not just romance alive but also a healthy friendship going.
  • Create: This really helps you make healthy memories of the relationship. You can become creative in spending time together by making it special with some fun ideas thrown in. Go ahead and add some colour to your marriage.
  • Change: Dealing with change can make or break your relationship. How you handle change in a particular situation, place, life event, behaviour or environment really reflects what you are made up of and how strong you are as a person.
  • Consult: It is a sign of a healthy relationship when you consult with the other for an opinion so as to not allow ‘dictatorship’ in your marriage. Considering your spouse’s opinions establishes mutual consent and creates a feeling of togetherness.

Now, steer clear of these 5 rough “Cs” to avoid a relation-shipwreck:

  • Cranky: A nagging spouse is like a flikkering light or a constant itch in a place you can’t reach! Crankiness really affects relationships negatively.
  • Clingy: Being close to your spouse is a good thing. On the other hand, not giving enough space to your partner can make him or her feel uncomfortable. The other will try to get away from you or may start avoiding you to escape your company.
  • Creepy: Trust is a very important element of a healthy relationship. If you creep up on your spouse and doubt their every move, then it will affect your relationship negatively.
  • Comparing: Knowing that each individual is unique really helps in not expecting the other to be something they are not. Comparing your spouse with someone else will lead them down the road of pretense. Pretense will then lead to disatisfaction in the relationship.
  • Cheating: This is that iceberg that can cause your ship to sink. Commitment is the foundation of any long-term relationship. If you break your spouse’s trust by cheating on them, you’ll find yourself in a very difficult place, having to deal with pieces that’ll be very hard to put together again.

Finally, don’t forget to take onboard a lot of affection, forgiveness, fun and laughter, and unconditional love to make your journey exciting and full of joy.


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